Phenomenal, macabre monster art by Naomi Chen 

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - Tribute to the Ace Attorney series

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s’more heathers + painting practice…?

A coworker I kind of have a crush on showed up off the schedule today just to stop by for the hell of it, but I don’t work with her very often so I didn’t fully recognize her (read: like, at all ‘cause I’m pretty bad with names and faces). She was wearing this super cute outfit and eating Marble Slab and I just could not wipe the big dumb grin off my face or the stars out of my eyes.

I think it’s funny that I was totally acting like a big dumb crushing idiot combined with the fact it didn’t click with me who she was until after making a fool of myself just confirms this pointless crush. I think she noticed my shoujo doki doki Yuru Yuri eyes for her.

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